Ranking your website high enough in search engines is important, which is why we created this directory, we want to help you reach more customers. If you are serious about building your website traffic to drive more visitors we can help.


Directories are websites created with the purpose of gathering links from business and display them online to help people find you through search engines or by people looking for a professional on that directory. Links to your business will then viewable in different categories to make finding specific services easily for website visitors.


Choose your package and simply fill out your details on our website, we will then review your website to make sure it’s been submitted to the correct category, as well as checking any spelling mistakes and grammar. Once reviewed you will receive a confirmation email along with login details in case you need to update listing information. That’s it, your listing will then be live.


Thousands of couples are searching our directory every day which means your business will be in a prime location to be seen. Through our careful selection criteria, we only accept the best submissions. With excellent trust and citation flow combined with great prices, our wedding directory is a very simple and low-cost way to help your business online!


1. Can I post my listing in more than one category?

No, you cant. each listing has only one category, if you need more categories, kindly purchase more packages.

2. What methods of payment do you accept?

Banks Cards and Mobile Money which is processed by Flutterwave Inc.

3. Can I update my listing?

Of course, you have a full control, you can change your listing content anytime. Bear in mind we will have to approve all your updates, each time.

4. How do I add photos to my listing?

That’s very simple. You can add them while posting a new listing or editing your listing later.


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